At The Dermatology Group, Dr. Michael Henner specializes in both Dermatology and Dermatopathology. Although most people know a Dermatologist studies and treats diseases of the skin, many do not realize Dermatopathology is a subspecialty dealing with the microscopic diagnosis of all diseases of the skin including skin cancers, moles, rashes, and unusual skin findings leading to the diagnosis of internal diseases.

Becoming a board certified Dermatopathologist requires 1-2 years of additional training beyond the three year residency in Dermatology. Dr. Henner completed two full-time fellowships during his years of training. His first fellowship was under the direction of Dr. A. Bernard Ackerman at New York University.

Working closely with Dr. Ackerman, Dr. Henner was able to learn pattern recognition of inflammatory diseases of the skin as well as common skin cancers, moles and melanoma. A second full-time fellowship at Barnes Hospital working with Dr. Louis Dehner and Dr. Mark Wick enabled Dr. Henner to gain expertise in diagnosis and classification of rare tumors of the skin, infectious diseases of the skin and an array of immunohistochemical stains. These special tests are used to precisely classify many diseases of the skin.

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Clinicopathologic Correlation Ensures Better Dermatologic Care

As a Dermatopathologist, Dr. Henner plays a crucial role in correlating the clinical diagnosis and microscopic findings. This often times requires study of photographs taken of all lesions biopsied, telephone conference with the respective clinician, and outside consultation with other Dermatopathologists to ensure the most accurate and meaningful diagnosis is rendered to a patient. In many practices, the Pathologist and Dermatologist never speak. By utilizing Dr. Henner’s clinical skills as a Dermatologist in addition to clinical photography through our electronic medical record our patients can feel confident and at ease. At The Dermatology Group, we are all working together as a medical skin team to make this happen.

Working Together to Ensure Your Health

At The Dermatology Group, our physicians work together to provide the best possible outcome for you as our patient. This includes proper biopsy technique, state of the art preparation of pathology materials, and efficient interpretation of results to the patient in a timely manner. All of these steps contribute to cost savings for the patient and peace of mind for our patients. At The Dermatology Group, our providers will always make sure you understand your diagnosis and treatment plan so you know exactly what you are dealing with at all times.

You deserve the best as our patient and we welcome the chance to provide you with expert and professional service at The Dermatology Group. Contact us for more information.

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