Should You Get a Skin Cancer Screenings?

Should You Get a Skin Cancer Screenings?

The short answer is, yes, skin cancer is one of the most common types of cancer in the United States, and although it can be dangerous, early detection and early treatment can make all the difference. The best way to prevent complications is with regular self-examinations and with skin cancer screenings in our dermatologist's office. You can learn more by reaching out to your local skin experts of The Dermatology Group in Longwood, Mount Dora, Orlando, & Winter Park, FL.

The Importance of Self-Exams

Self-examinations do not take the place of skin cancer screenings at your doctor's office, but they are essential so that you can keep track of any worrying signs in between visits. Knowing what to look for is key, and for this, you can follow a popular acronym, ABCDE.

Each letter in the acronym stands for a characteristic of a mole on your skin that could be a sign of concern.

It begins with the letter A, for asymmetry, that is if the mole has an uneven shape. Then B, for borders, if they are irregular or jagged. C is for color that varies throughout, a non-uniform pigmentation. D for diameter, for moles that are larger than a pencil's eraser. Lastly, E stands for evolving, which means, consider if any of the above characteristics have changed or are changing over the course of weeks or months, or longer.

If you find a mole that matches the above criteria then it's a good idea to have it examined by our dermatologist, either at the next screening or sooner.

Skin Cancer Screenings in Longwood, Mount Dora, Orlando, & Winter Park, FL

To schedule a skin cancer screening with the professionals of The Dermatology Group, if you live in or around the areas of Longwood, Mount Dora, Orlando, & Winter Park, FL, you can dial (407) 332-8080 for the Longwood, FL, office, (352) 383-0733 for Mount Dora, FL, (407) 898-3033 for Orlando, FL, and (407) 645-2737 for Winter Park, FL.

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